August Dog of the Month

Congratulations to our August Dog of the Month, Charlie! He is a 5 year old Cavachon. He joined our Central Bark family as a little puppy. Charlie is always on the hunt for some good treats. He loves to show off his “sit” and “stay” with his handler. You can find Charlie soaking up the sun with his friend Heinz a 6 year old Dachshund and Hazel a 3 year old Cavachon. Last but not least you can always find him hanging out with his favorite sibling pair Charlie and Murphy. Charlie is a 4 year old Yorkie and Murphy is a 9 year old Teddy Bear. When it is time for Charlie to freshen up you can find him in our Salon and Spa with his favorite groomers. We love having you spend your days with us here. Congrats on being Dog of the Month! We hope you enjoy your time in the spotlight.