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Elevate your dog’s appearance and overall health with expert dog grooming services.

At Central Bark® Sheboygan Dog Grooming, we offer top-notch grooming services to help your furry friend look and feel their best. We understand that every dog is unique, and we provide personalized services tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

Our expert groomers focus on creating a calm and relaxing experience for your dog. Whether they need a simple bath or a more elaborate grooming treatment. You can also enhance your dog’s spa day by adding enrichment activities to help them relax even more.

At Central Bark Sheboygan Dog Grooming, we’re committed to helping your dog look, feel, and smell amazing.

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Our Groomers

Groomer Anna


Hi my name is Anna. I’ve got years of grooming experience and lots of love and passion for what I do! I’m always happy to see everyone’s pups. I’m a dog mom and I also have a little boy named Carl.

Groomer Kelsey


Kelsey graduated from PetSmart Grooming Academy in Iowa in 2012. She then continued working for PetSmart as a groomer and eventually a salon manager for 10 years before deciding to branch out. Creating a relationship with not only the dog but also pet parents has been a commitment of hers. The comfort, quality and understanding of the dogs she grooms is her passion.

Groomer Pam


I have been in the grooming industry for roughly 18 years now. I’m grateful to have a career that I absolutely love. I find creating relationships with not only your dog but with you, the owner, is so important. I strive to create a positive one on one experience with your pet. Currently I hold certifications in: pet first aid, canine massage, senior pets, brachycephalic breeds, AKC SAFE handling, canine esthetician and puppy grooming.

Pampered Pups

So fresh. So clean. Dog Grooming Reimagined

Enjoy cuddling with your soft, clean, healthy, and happy pup.


Ask us for a personalized estimate for your dog.

*Grooming services and pricing vary based on the dog’s breed, size, hair length, coat condition, and temperament. Final quote provided at the time of service.

Spa Bath
Bath, blow out, brush out, nail trim, and ear clean.
40 & Up
Mini Groom
Spa Bath and a foot, face, and sanitary trim.
50 & Up
Full Groom
Spa Bath, blow out, nail trim, ear clean, and full haircut.
55 & Up

À La Carte

Coat Care
Brush out, dematting, and de-shed treatment available.
15 & Up
Nail Trim
Clippers or Dremel based on dog’s comfort level. 
Teeth Brush10
Ear Clean10
Foot, Face, or Sanitary Trim10 & Up
Gland Expression15

For extra-large dogs or dogs with special needs, please contact us. All sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog grooming?

Dog grooming helps keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable. It can include anything from a simple brush-out or bath to a full spa day, complete with a grooming session and nail care. 

All dogs are unique. Just like humans, your dog deserves personalized grooming for their size, breed, coat type, and condition. Please ask an associate for details.

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What should I look for in a dog groomer?

An essential characteristic of a dog groomer is someone who makes you and your dog feel safe and comfortable.

Other things to look for:

  • Certifications – Groomers don’t need a license or certification to work. Still, these accreditations are often signs that the groomer has the necessary training and experience to care for your pup.
  • Experience with different breeds – Look for a groomer with experience with a variety of breeds and coats and the standard haircut for your dog’s breed.
  • Preparedness – A groomer should work with dogs of all ages and levels of experience with grooming. They should aim to help each dog feel as comfortable as possible with the grooming process. Suppose the dog or puppy becomes anxious or uncomfortable. In that case, the groomer should be able to suggest a plan for increasing their comfort over time with the use of a positive reward-based approach.

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What dog grooming services do you offer?

We offer everything you need to keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable at our Salon & Spa. Our expert groomers focus on creating a calm and relaxing experience your dog can enjoy. 

We offer:

  • Dog baths
  • Dog grooming
  • Dog ear cleaning
  • Dog teeth brushing
  • Dog nail trims
  • Dog deshed treatments
  • Dog brush outs
  • Dog gland expressions
  • And more

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Can I stay with my dog at the groomers?

You do not need to stay with your dog during their grooming appointment. Our expert groomers always aim to help your dog feel as calm and relaxed as possible during their bathing and grooming experience. If your pup is feeling a little unsure, ask our training team about ways to enrich their experience and help create positive associations by using positive reward-based training methods.

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