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Welcome to Central Bark Doggy Day Care

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FetchALocationSince 1997 Central Bark Doggy Day Care locations have grown to accommodate the increasing number of people who realized dogs need regular amounts of social interaction.  As one of the nation’s largest networks of doggy daycares, we understand life gets busy.

Each Central Bark Doggy Day Care location has a team of professionally trained staff members who understand dogs are more than just pets, but friends that are part of your family. We take pride in treating each and every dog as if they were our own, while creating a personalized experience for each unique personality.

Each dog deserves the Central Bark experience, and every dog parent deserves a Central Bark dog.


Latest News

Dog Tricks for Stress Relief

May 20, 2020
The pandemic has had a major effect on the lives of many, myself included.  And while I am very much an introvert, with my closest friends always having been my dogs, I’m still spending more time at home than usual.  The disruption to my routine, and likewise the routine of my dogs, has caused some read more

Keeping Your Memorial Day Celebrations Dog Safe

May 20, 2020
While you may not be celebrating Memorial Day at a parade, here are four tips to keeping your dog safe on Memorial Day! 1. While it’s usually not a Memorial Day occurrence, if you hear fireworks the safest thing to do is take your dog inside. If you know your neighbors or neighborhood will be read more

Setting Your Dog Up for Separation and Confinement Success

May 1, 2020
One of the greatest joys of sharing your life with a dog is their observable delight when you come home. However, if you’ve ever lived with a dog who struggled with separation anxiety then you know how heartbreaking it is to realize your dog isn’t showering you with pure happiness, but instead relief that you’ve read more