May Dog of the Month

Dog of the Month, News

Congratulations to our May Dog of the Month, Maggie! She is a 4 year old Coonhound that has been coming to play with her friends here at Central Bark for 4 years. Maggie joined our Central Bark family at just 9 months. When Maggie walks through the front door she is known to greet her handlers with a nice big hug, letting us know she is ready for a day of play. You can find Maggie playing with her friends Duncan a 3 year old French Bulldog, Ajax a 2 year old Border Collie mix, Coco a 5 year old German Shepherd mix and Tucker a 4 year old Husky Mix. You can also find her hanging out with her twin Greta, a 4 year old lab mix. Maggie is known to be very welcoming to any of our new puppies and show them the ropes. In the summertime you can often find Maggie enjoying the pools and chasing shadows. We love having you spend your days with us here. Congrats on being Dog of the Month! We hope you enjoy your time in the spotlight.