Congratulations, Annie!

Annie is a 9 year old fun loving black lab who has been coming to Central Bark-Sheboygan to play with her friends and socialize for quite a few years and is always a great addition to her play group. Annie is a lovable gal who always greets her friends and handlers with joyous butt wags! When it is time for Annie to go to group, she gets all wiggly and insists on having her handler follow her all the way to group rubbing her butt. When she gets excited to play Annie will spin in circles trying to get her friends to play with her. She loves to play with her fur-pals Duncan a young handsome frenchie, Balto a young handsome Husky, Lucy T a beautiful black lab and of course her good pal Lucy B! When she’s not playing with her friends, she loves to carry two toys around in her mouth and show off her skills. We are so lucky that you are a part of our Central Bark family, Annie! You truly deserve your time in the spotlight! We love you!