Congrats, Lewis!

Dog of the Month

Lewis, a very handsome three year old Airedale Terrier, is going to lead our pack of 2010 dogs of the month. Named after the famous explorer, Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition, it seems fitting that he will blaze the trail! Lewis has a couple of key explorer characteristics. He is very curious and very attentive. He is interested in everything that goes on around him and he pays close attention to what is happening. He is also very friendly and lovable, but most of all, Lewis is his Dad’s faithful companion. Lewis is a busy guy participating in all that Central Bark has to offer. He loves playing with his friends at day care, whether that means competing for the ball, wrestling or just running around together. When Mom and Dad go out of town, Lewis bunks in at Central Bark, his home away from home. And when Lewis needs some spiffing up, he pays a visit to Central Bark’s groomer. Lewis has won our heart s and we always look forward to spending time with him. It’s your time to shine Lewis!