Congrats, Buster!

Dog of the Month

At first glance, you probably think Buster is a Golden Retriever. Well, you are wrong. When he was rescued into his forever home, Mom and Dad were told that he is a Lab/Australian Shepherd mix. We are not sure that is 100% correct, and although we may never know for sure what breeds he is made of, we do know for sure that he is a very loving dog that landed in a very loving home. Buster is a handsome dude. Just look at those gorgeous brown eyes. Who could resist him? In playgroup, he has a great temperament. He gets along with dogs of all sizes and ages. His favorite game is tug of war, but he will run around and wrestle too. When he needs to take a break from the action, he jumps up on the Little Tikes equipment and chews on a toy. Then, in a short time, he is fired up and ready to join the fun again. Enjoy the limelight Buster. We luv ya!