Congratulations Vegas!

Dog of the Month

Meet Vegas, a handsome three-year old husky, that has been practicing his singing skills every day at The Bark since October 2018. He loves it when the handlers join in on his favorite song, “I Got You Babe,” by Sonny and Cher. Below are some more fun facts on this fabulous boy:

  • Vegas likes to be referred to as Sinatra, because of his piercing blue eyes and crooner voice. His goal is to sled off to Las Vegas and have his own show at Caesars Palace.
  • He plans to surprise his parents with a wedding anniversary party this summer. Mainly because it’s an excuse to dress up in his favorite Elvis jumpsuit.
  • Vegas loves to spend his Saturdays watching The Hangover and all its sequels. If he’s not doing that, he’s practicing his water polo skills.
  • Vegas is saving up for his dream vacation to Alaska. He plans to go skiing, ice skating and to swim with the whales.
  • Every spring Vegas likes to help his mom in the garden by digging up the dirt. Often times he has been grounded for digging up the freshly planted flowers.
  • His goal this summer is to get a part time job at The Freeze and eat tons of ice cream (with sprinkles). He is still waiting to hear back for an interview.

Congratulations Vegas! We look forward to celebrating you!