Congratulations Grace!

Meet Grace!

Grace is a lovely 5 ½ year old black lab that has been coming to the Bark since December 2018. She always comes through our door quickly with a mission to start her day.  That mission may be to swap friendship bracelets with friends, share something new she learned off the internet or try to catch a butterfly when in group; there are many missions to choose from. Below are some more interesting tidbits about this lovely lady:

  • Although she is camera shy, Grace hopes to one day complete on America’s Next Top Model. Her friends don’t have the heart to tell her the “new episodes” she’s watching are just reruns from seven years ago.
  • Grace never wants play time to be over, but she’ll agree to come in as long as she receives generous amounts of belly rubs.
  • To assure generous amounts of said belly rubs, she hired the powerhouse law firm of Lerner & Rowe to have this stipulation added to her client agreement. (She thinks Glen Lerner is cute and always tries to call him at 222-2222).
  • For Halloween, Grace plans to dress up as Marvel’s Black Widow. She figures she is already wearing a black outfit so all she needs is a red wig. 
  • Grace’s favorite Halloween treat is candy corn. She knows that a lot of people don’t like candy corn, but she knows that means more leftovers for her well into the spring.  
  • When she was a little pup, she wanted to be an astronaut and stuck glow in the dark stars all over her room. Unfortunately, they were not easy to peel off stickers and mom is spending hours each night trying to get them off.
  • Depending on who she is trying to impress at her weekly book club, she will claim she was named after Grace Kelly or Grace Jones. She keeps pictures of both ladies in her wallet to emphasize her point.

Clearly, Grace is a fascinating lady and it’s easy to see why she was chosen as October’s Dog of the Month. Congratulations Grace!


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