Welcome to Central Bark Grayslake

Welcome to Central Bark Grayslake! Our furry best friends hold a special place in our hearts. We understand the importance of giving them the best life possible. However, it can be tough to meet all their needs.

That’s where Central Bark comes in. We’re here to provide the love and care your dog deserves, helping them stay healthy, happy, and well-rounded. When you bring your dog to Central Bark Grayslake, you can relax, knowing they’ll have a fantastic day with their friends in a safe and loving environment.

Our approach, called Whole Dog Care, focuses on nurturing and enhancing your dog’s overall health and well-being throughout their life. The centerpiece of our approach is our Enrichment Doggy Day Care program. But that’s not all – we also offer dog boarding, baths, grooming, a market for supplies, training, and more. Our mission is to help you and your dog live your best lives together.

We understand that dogs aren’t just LIKE family – they ARE family. As fellow dog parents, we take pride in treating every dog as if they were our own.

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Wow!! What a great place. Thank you so much for getting Louie in on the last minute with Lisa. As always Lisa did a wonderful job! We will definitely be back. Thank you for your hospitality and wonderful service. The Estations Tara & Chris

Central Bark® Whole Dog Care

Central Bark Grayslake is committed to your dog’s well-being. Our Whole Dog Care approach covers all their needs. From physical health to mental happiness, we offer personalized products and services. The goal is to enhance their overall well-being and bring them lifelong joy.

Enrichment Doggy Day Care - Off Enrichment Doggy Day Care - On Enrichment Doggy Day Care

Our commitment is to enhance your dog’s life with personalized and enjoyable activities.

Salon & Spa - Off Salon & Spa - On Salon & Spa

Treat your furry friend to grooming and exciting activities crafted for their ultimate delight.

Sleepovers - Off Sleepovers - On Sleepovers

Provide your dog with a serene and content stay in a comfortable setting through our Sleepover service.

Market - Off Market - On Market

Explore our exceptional range of dog food, treats, toys, and more, carefully selected to promote physical health, nutrition, and overall happiness.

Training & Enrichment - Off Training & Enrichment - On Training & Enrichment

Foster a stronger bond with your dog through positive training and enrichment programs that assist them in acquiring vital skills and behaviors.

Insurance - Off Insurance - On Insurance

Stay prepared for any situation with customized coverage that grants you peace of mind and aids in your dog’s veterinary treatments.

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Why do dogs LOVE
Central Bark?

What makes Central Bark so special for dogs?

  • It’s all about them – Every dog is unique. We create a day that’s tailored to your dog’s individual needs and preferences.
  • Health and happiness combined – Your dog will receive personalized attention, engaging activities, and rest to ensure they are healthy, happy, and well-behaved at home and in the community.
  • We understand dogs – Our team consists of dog experts who have been specially trained in our positive reinforcement approach based on scientific principles.
  • Safety and cleanliness are top priorities – The safety and well-being of all our guests are our number one concern. We have comprehensive safety policies and thorough cleaning procedures to ensure your dog’s safety and health every single day they spend with us.
  • Trusted and loving care – For more than 20 years, families have entrusted Central Bark with enriching their dogs’ lives. We provide the perfect balance of personalized attention, playtime, exercise, socialization, training, rest, and love.
  • A lifelong bond – It’s amazing how a day spent apart can actually bring you closer! Your dog will return home happy and healthy, and you won’t have to worry about leaving them alone for another day.

Doggy Day Care. Reimagined.

Central Bark Enrichment Day Care is an amazing upgrade for dog day care! We use our top-notch knowledge and the latest science on dog behavior and positive training. Your dog will have a blast with a personalized day that includes just the right amount of play, exercise, socializing, training, rest, and love. It’s all designed to keep them healthy, happy, and well-rounded.

doggies in the outside playground

Flexible Playgroups

Small and large playgroup options allow us to match better your dog’s personality, needs, and preferences with the social atmosphere and amount of play they can enjoy and benefit from most.

Central Bark trainer with four brown dogs

Group Play Skills

Group Play Skills are a fun and rewarding way for dogs to practice important skills like name recall, and behaviors like group sit and calmly going in and out of doors and gates.

white doggy playing with toy

Rest Period Enrichment

Rest Period Enrichment sessions help dogs achieve a healthy balance. They can relax and recharge in their own private space with calming enrichment toys and healthy foods tailored to their preferences and diet.

Central Bark dog trainer with corgi dog

Enrichment Sessions

Personalized One-on-One Enrichment sessions give the extra attention dogs love and the freedom to use their senses and safely explore their instincts through interactive toys, puzzles, and games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there enough outdoor space to accommodate all dogs on nice days and indoor space when the weather is poor?

Central Bark® has both indoor and outdoor play areas large enough that all dogs can be inside or outside at any given time. This helps us keep the dogs safe and comfortable at any time of year.  Learn more about Enrichment Doggy Day Care

What should I look for in a dog groomer?

An essential characteristic of a dog groomer is someone who makes you and your dog feel safe and comfortable. Other things to look for: Make a reservation for your dog’s grooming session

Is there a schedule of activities and safety rules?

Yes. Our day is broken up into areas of play, rest, feeding and more. And we always keep a watchful eye on canine good manners.

What is the best dog food?

The best dog food will vary depending on each dog’s dietary requirements, medical needs, breed, and personal preferences.  Every item in our Central Bark® Market is specially selected to enhance your dog’s physical health and nutrition and provide enrichment, happiness, and comfort. We can help you choose from our selection […]

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