Congratulations Ferris!

Meet Ferris! Ferris is a two year old mini bernadoodle that has been playing at The Bark since he was a puppy.  In addition to celebrating Ferris for the month of November it is also his birthday on the first. Below are some fun tidbits on the life of Ferris V:

  • For his birthday, he wanted to rent out the 95th floor of the John Hancock building and have a huge gala size event. However, he only had $7.00 in tokens from a previous trip to Chuck E. Cheese.
  • While Ferris has many friends at daycare and is quite popular, his favorite fur-pal is Stella who is about three times larger than Ferris’s compact frame.
  • Ferris wants to host his own cooking show called “Ferris Buellers Bake Off.” For the pilot episode he plans on making his favorite snack which is a bagel with cream cheese and berries. He calls them Ferris Wheels.
  • This past Halloween he created a new game called “Fear Is….” When his daycare buddies confessed they were all afraid of nail clippers and skunks, Ferris got scared as well and pooped his crate.  
  • He likes to tell his daycare pals that his biological dad was a famous Bernese Mountain Dog that rescued people from the Swiss Alps and that his biological mother won countless beauty pageants for her sophistication and grace.
  • Because of his unique DNA, Ferris is researching hair products to keep his curls from tangling. He hopes to create his own unique brand and call it “Ferris’s super-duper detangler spray for awesome, charming and fun pups.” His mom is still trying to convince him to shorten the name.
  • This past summer, he won a hot dog eating contest at the Lake County Fair, eating 42 hots dogs in 15 minutes! He is eager to beat that record next summer.

Congratulations Ferris! It’s your turn to shine…and hopefully detangle!


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