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Congratulations Bobby & Blue!

Meet Bobby and Blue! These two little chihuahuas have been spending many days at Central Bark since July 2019. At morning drop off Blue will come racing through the retail, and at the last second, roll on to her back skidding into our waiting arms. We think she was a professional baseball player in her past life. Bobby prefers a simple hand off and a few minutes of cuddles with Kevin before his playtime. Below are some more tiny tidbits on these two charismatic chis:

  • Blue likes to pick on her brother when he plays with other girls. She doesn’t think anyone is good enough for him. Although smaller in size, Bobby is not afraid to give it right back to his big sister.
  • Bobby’s favorite super hero is the Incredible Hulk. Blue prefers Wonder Woman. They like to create lists of all the things they would fix in this world if they had superpowers.
  • Bobby likes to watch Man vs. Food. He’s sure he would have no problem finishing those huge food challenges, especially ones where he gets to use his long tongue!
  • Blue likes to watch old Mariah Carey interviews for fashion tips and practice being a doggy diva.
  • Speaking of fashion, Bobby spends his free time binge watching old episodes of Project Runway. He has an extensive collection of sweaters, t-shirts and bowties all of which have taken over the second bedroom in the house.
  • The two are working on opening a dog Airbnb called ‘Itty Bittys.’ They purchased all the furniture and decorations to accommodate themselves, not taking into account the larger breeds. Mom is helping them with the second round of purchasing.
  • Whenever mom asks them where they want to go to dinner they will always answer “Chi-Chis!” and mom has to explain to them [again] that Chi-Chis restaurant chain is no longer around. Bobby and Blue have faith that someday it will reopen.

Congratulations Bobby & Blue! We look forward to celebrating you two cutie patooties this June.