Congratulations Freddie!

Dog of the Month

Often, people from the press or other foreign publications, will call Central Bark and inquire as to what it takes to be “Dog of The Month;” the answers are always the same. DOM is a dog who exhibits great bravery under pressure, he or she is self-less and always has an encouraging word for their peers. This special dog has shown great aptitude in treat sniffing, fire rescue and emotional support. Most of all The Dog of The Month is a great friend of whatever family is blessed to care for him or her. With that being said, we would like to introduce you to Freddie. Freddie is a German Short Haired Pointer who has been strutting his stuff at Central Bark since July 2018. We would like to tell you a little bit about Freddie, and you will no doubt, come to understand why he is July Dog of The Month.

 – One of his favorite lady friends (strictly platonic) at The Bark is Sadie G another German Short Haired Pointer and together they are eagerly waiting the day when GSP Lola K graduates to the big dogs. Why is this important? As Freddie is quick to point out, the two ladies are his “Pointer Sister’s.”

 – Recently Freddie Google searched himself and saw that the fifth listing was Freddie Prince, Jr. Immediately he began to wonder whatever happened to Freddie Prince, Jr., and how he had such a promising young career, only to be choked out by the pressures of Hollywood. Freddie no longer was angry that he didn’t come up in the top Google search results.

– Crocodile Dundee is one of his favorite all time movies. Therefore, Freddie recently purchased the Rosetta Stone software with the hopes of learning Australian.

– Freddie and our Enrichment Specialist Colin are gifted singers. This dynamic duo is currently practicing the 80’s hit “Say, Say, Say” by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. Their lofty goals will hopefully land them a gig at one of the Park District events next door to Central Bark.

– As you can probably imagine, Freddie is quite good at fetch. Freddie can often be found practicing his skills. When we asked him about this, he said something about “the journey and not the destination” and referenced the upcoming summer Olympics in Tokyo. We’re not sure what that meant but, nonetheless, he can often be seen helping the other dogs hone their skills at Central Bark. Freddie is good like that.

– You might think that German cuisine would be his favorite food given his heritage. You would be wrong. Fusion anything would better describe his pallet. His favorite dish is a seared mahi mahi with carob and banana glaze with garlic crouton crumbles with a side of baked beans. He shared some with The Pointer Sister’s and they ended up with loose stool.

As you can clearly see from the excerpts above, Freddie epitomizes all the characteristics of a Central Bark Dog of The Month. It is with great honor and fan fare that we congratulate you Freddie for all of your vast achievements and ceaseless emotion exhortation for your fellow furry friends.

Freddie is Mr. July!