Congratulations Dasher!

Dog of the Month

Dashing through our doors, on his way to play, mama close behind, barking all the way!

Meet Dasher! Dasher is a six-year-old Australian shepherd that has been dashing around The Bark since June 2015.  It’s fitting that Dasher is the February dog of the month because he is quite the romantic, and, with his dashing good looks he is very popular with the ladies. Below is more information on this delightful boy:

  • Dasher is a HUGE Wisconsin Badgers fan. He has written Bucky the Badger 2,037 letters in hopes to meet him some day. Unfortunately, he has yet to receive a response.
  • His dating profile on indicates that he likes long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and tango dancing.
  • Dasher is currently working on a new seasoning called Mr. Dash. His secret ingredients include crushed up kibbles and potato chip crumbs. He doesn’t understand why mom won’t put it on the family dinners.
  • He got a part time job working for Door Dash but was let go after multiple complaints that half the food was missing upon delivery.
  • He likes to tell his daycare pals that his great, great grandfather was Dasher the reindeer from the “elite eight” and that he and Santa are friends.
  • During his time in quarantine Dasher learned to play the saxophone, wrote three autobiographies, and watched YouTube videos of old Wisconsin Football games.
  • For Valentine’s Day, Dasher plans on ordering a heart shaped pizza with extra bacon and eating it while binge watching The Office. He hasn’t figured out who to invite for his date, but he narrowed his list down to 17 possible candidates; he figured he still has time to decide.

Congratulations Dasher! You’re such a good boy!