Congrats, Finnigan!

Dog of the Month, News

Finnigan is an amazing and smart four year old collie. This handsome young man has been spending his Wednesdays at Central Bark since October 2006. Finnigan is very well trained and enters our daycare calmly with a wagging tail. As soon as he enters the playgroups though, LOOK OUT, he is off and running! Finni immediately looks for his best buddies, Austin the husky and Payton the golden for a game of chase, fetch and wrestling. The three of them are inseparable.

Not only is he a great daycare doggy, Finni enjoys the occasional spa day and sleepovers here at Central Bark. He is always well behaved and listens to the handlers. Finnigan is truly a joy to be around and we always look forward to Wednesdays.

It’s your turn to shine Mr. March! Congratulations!