Congrats, Baxter!

Dog of the Month, News

Here’s Baxter! Baxter is a feisty four year old Bassador (Bassett hound / Labrador) who has been coming to Central Bark since December 2009. Baxter’s sweet face and happy go lucky attitude always brightens our day as he pulls mom through the door. Although vertically challenged with shorter Basset legs, Baxter is very quick and can run around the playgroup so fast it will make your head spin! In addition, he has no problem scaling the playground equipment or giant snow hills. There’s no stopping this boy! Baxter has many friends at Central Bark but he does have his favorites…Polly and Payton (both black labs). Baxter and Polly will spend many moments lying next to each other sharing kisses. They are an adorable couple! Payton, on the other hand, is Baxter’s idol, and you can usually find him following Payton around like a little shadow (huge confidence booster for Payton!). It’s quite comical watching the dogs come back inside after a potty break. Baxter will not go in until his buddy Payton is ready and together, the two best friends gallop in, side by side. Baxter is extremely affectionate and a pleasurable addition to the pack. He plays and shares well with everyone. Congratulations Baxter on the well deserved title…Mr. March!