Dogs Deserve Good Dog People – Here’s How to Be The Best One

We can all agree that dogs are simply the best and deserve the world. The undying loyalty and unconditional love they give us are reasons enough – not to mention they’re also really cute.

To dogs, we are their world. That said, the “goodest” boys and the “goodest” girls deserve the best pet parents.

So, what makes a great dog person? Spolier: It goes beyond simply having a love of dogs. Here are seven ways you can be the best one for your canine companion:

1. Work on their fitness (physical and mental)

Dogs need stimulation! While a daily walk around the block is good, oftentimes they need more. Physically, this can mean going to the park or the dog beach, enrolling them in an agility class or a Central Bark Training & Enrichment course, or dropping them off for Enrichment Doggy Day Care for socialization. Mentally, you can try out new enrichment toys that help to develop their problem-solving skills, dexterity, coordination, and balance.

2. Spend more intentional time doing the things they love

For us humans, the world moves at a fast pace, and we’re always go, go, go. But for some dogs, that daily walk around the block is the highlight of their day! So why not take them on a longer stroll around the neighborhood or take a new route? Of course, it’s important to consider extreme weather, but if conditions are favorable, allow them to take in all the smells and investigate! Walks are also a great opportunity to work on short training or reinforcement exercises that will surely strengthen your bond.

3. Expose them to new experiences

There are endless dog-friendly experiences available now. Instead of leaving them at home, bring them with you to the newest restaurant in town or on a hike in a nearby park. Dogs are natural investigators, so bringing them to a new place with new smells and people will stimulate their senses and provide them with a sense of adventure.

4. Cook them a homemade meal

Imagine eating the same meal every day for your whole life. Just like their beloved humans, dogs love variety and cooking them a homemade meal is an act of love that they’re sure to enjoy. Freshen up their kibble recipes by cooking their favorite protein, grains and veggies. Of course, make sure whatever you’re making is safe (no chocolate or grapes!) and keep it plain and simple (no seasonings). It might seem bland to us, but to them it’ll be a five-star meal.

5. Pamper them

Whether at home or at our Central Bark Dog Salon & Spa, pampering your pooch is a simple way to show your love and appreciation for them. This also presents a great opportunity to check in with your dog’s physical health.

6. Foster a furry friend

Fostering a shelter or rescue dog is not only rewarding for us humans, but your pup is likely to enjoy a little canine company (especially if your fur baby is an only child). If you’re able to invest the time and energy, open your heart and home for a dog in need – it’ll go a long way toward easing your guest into their “furever” home.

7. Reflect and be grateful

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget how much dogs enrich our lives. Take a moment to reflect and be grateful for their companionship – and shower them with kisses and occasional treats.