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Puppy Hour is a FREE supervised puppy playtime and social hour at Central Bark®. Puppy Hour is a ton of fun, and it also provides a critical opportunity for puppies to get socialization during their “sensitive period.” That is generally between 8 and 16 weeks of age. Socialization is a process of preparing your dog to enjoy interactions with other animals, people, places, and activities.

We invite you and your puppy to attend as many sessions as you would like until your pup reaches the age limit. Meet our staff, speak with our trainer and groomer, and check out our facility. At Central Bark, our mission is to nurture and enrich your dog’s life. A great way to start your pup on the right paw is through puppy socialization!

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During this puppy hour program, your pup will:

  • Enjoy off-leash age-appropriate play with vaccinated puppies of similar ages
  • Be supervised by an experienced caregiver to ensure all play is safe and appropriate
  • Meet new dogs, humans, toys, environments, and obstacles
  • Be exposed to new and interesting obstacles to encourage age-appropriate socialization and exposure

Benefits of Puppy Hour & Training:

  • Long-Term Emotional Development: Puppy Hour provides your puppy with interactions with other dogs and people. This will help them develop confidence and social skills that can positively impact their emotional development throughout their lives.
  • Learn Important Group Play and Social Skills: During Puppy Hour, our staff will help guide your puppy through important group play and socialization skills. These including proper play behavior, impulse control, bite inhibition, and more. These skills are essential for your dog to develop healthy and appropriate social behavior.
  • Comfort and Confidence: During the sensitive period of 8 to 16 weeks, puppies are more likely to feel scared or uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations. By attending Puppy Hour, your pup can get exposure to new sights, smells, sounds, and experiences in a controlled environment, which can help them become more comfortable and confident in unfamiliar settings.
  • Expend Excess Energy: Puppies have a lot of energy to burn, and attending Puppy Hour can give them an outlet for that energy. Through supervised playtime and interactions with other puppies, your dog can get the physical exercise they need to stay healthy and happy.
  • Establish a Strong Foundation: Puppy Hour is an excellent way to establish a strong foundation for your puppy’s future training and development. Our program can help your pup develop essential skills and behaviors that will make them easier to train and manage as they grow older.

Rules & Requirements:

  • Puppies aged 8–16 weeks
  • Space is limited
  • Preregistration is a must
  • Proof of up-to-date Bordetella and DHPP vaccines
  • Children with a dedicated adult are welcome to participate* There will be learning opportunities for children too!
  • Observe CDC guidelines, including social distancing and wearing masks
  • Regular 6-foot flat leash (no retractable or flexi-leads in the lobby) and a quick-release collar. If your dog usually wears a harness, you’re welcome to bring one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog day care?

Dog day care gives dogs a fun place to play with their friends while their owners are busy at home and work.

At Central Bark®, doggy daycare is our specialty, and nobody does it quite like us. We don’t just give dogs a place to play. We create a personalized program of activities that optimize your dog’s whole health – their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Central Bark goes beyond a traditional doggy day care with our unique Whole Dog Care philosophy. Our personalized approach helps enrich your dog’s whole health and well-being throughout their entire life so you can enjoy a healthy, happy, and loving life together.

The heart of our whole dog care approach is our Enrichment Doggy Day Care program. We combine Central Bark’s industry-leading doggy day care expertise with the latest dog behavior science. Our mission is to give dogs a balanced blend of exercise, social group play, learning, rest, and TLC. To help your dog be a healthy, happy, calm, and well-rounded member of your family.

Learn more about Enrichment Doggy Day Care.

Does the center maintain the same policy for sleepovers?

Central Bark® reserves sleepover services exclusively for dogs accepted into the daycare programs, so the same policies do apply.

What is positive reward-based dog training?

Positive reward-based techniques help puppies and dogs develop essential life skills and behaviors that will enrich their lives at home and day care. These methods set dogs up to succeed and reward them for performing desired behaviors. Rewards are tailored to the dog’s preferences and can include food treats, time to play with a favorite toy, or verbal praise. 

After decades of experience using reward-based training, we know it’s the most humane and effective way of training dogs and addressing unwanted behaviors. It’s the best way to build a loving, trusting bond that enhances your relationship between you and your dog for a lifetime of happiness together.

At Central Bark®, our focus on positive reinforcement has never wavered. We continuously update our skills and policies to stay at the forefront of new advances in behavioral science and positive reinforcement techniques.

Learn more about our training classes.

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Do you offer dog parties?

Yes! We love to celebrate our friends’ special days. You can schedule space in our facility to celebrate important moments in your dog’s life, from playdates to birthdays to Barkmitzvas. You can rent the space or have us plan and run your entire event. 

Contact us to schedule your dog’s party! 

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*The safety of guests and puppies in attendance at Puppy Hour is of the upmost importance. Upon arrival, a Central Bark team member will instruct you and your children of the rules and requirements to ensure safety, fun and learning for all involved.