It’s National Dog Day on August 26th

Every day is kind of a National Dog Day here at Central Bark, but we’re down for celebrating on August 26th because, well, we just love dogs. The beauty behind National Dog Day is that it was created to galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year while acknowledging family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe, and bring comfort. That’s something we can get behind.

Also, National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, mixed breeds and pure. That’s also woven into our Central Bark DNA. Because here at Central Bark, we welcome all. We’re fully committed to providing an environment where all people and dogs feel safe, valued, respected, accepted, and loved. We will never waiver from this stance and always promote unconditional love and acceptance. We embrace every person and every dog that comes through our door, regardless of race, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender, or breed. We will stand behind our promise to “Forever nurture, enrich, and inspire lives.”

Whether you currently have a dog, had a beloved dog who passed away, or don’t currently own a dog but love them anyhow, there are so many ways to commemorate the day. And the best part is that most dogs aren’t super picky about gifts and treats so whatever you do will be met with pure, unadulterated joy. To help you get started, we asked some of our Central Bark trainers and experts for their favorite ways to celebrate National Dog Day. Here’s what they suggested.

Spoil Your Dog with Attention

What dogs mostly want is your time and attention. And during the normal course of a day or week, sometimes that time is limited. So, take this opportunity to “spoil” them with your undivided love and attention—playing, snuggling, exploring, or even napping together.

Let Your Dog Take you for a Walk

When we walk our dogs, we’re the ones setting the pace, direction, and length so this National Dog Day, flip the roles and let your dog lead the way. Let them walk as fast or as slow as they want, sniff everything they want, and take the lead on where you go (safely, of course).

Challenge your Dog with a Puzzle

Dogs love to use their brains and paws to solve puzzle toys. Not only does this help to stimulate brain activity, but it can also occupy time while you’re busy. Remember, our Central Bark Market can help you pick the best products and solutions for your dog.

Donate to a Local Pet Rescue in your Dog’s Name

It’s a great way to honor the memory of a beloved lost pet or to celebrate the joy that your dog currently brings you. By donating to local pet rescue in your dog’s name, you’ll be doing good by supporting animals that need it most.

Host a “Yappy Hour”

Pets should never drink alcohol, but you and a few friends can responsibly enjoy a cold one and some snacks while you supervise your dogs playing in someone’s backyard or at a local park. Even some breweries will host you and your dog now.

Grab a Pupuccino

What better way to cap off a long fun day than with a cool, tasty treat? Many ice cream stores and coffee shops offer tasty treats made especially for dogs. You’ll have as much fun watching them eat it as they do eating it.

In the end, dogs just make everything better. When you’ve had a rough day, that wagging tail and sloppy kiss have a way of instantly reminding us that life is good. Dogs get us away from our phones and devices and even make us laugh at just the right moments. They are the absolute masters of delivering unconditional love. While every day is a “dog day,” we hope you take a little time this August 26th and celebrate National Dog Day right alongside us.


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