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In Atlanta, our team of dog training specialists employs positive, reward-based techniques to impart essential life skills and behaviors to dogs. Offering both individual training and enrichment sessions along with group classes, we aim to reinforce positive habits and enhance the connection between you and your dog.

Our training programs prioritize laying a robust foundation for positive canine behavior. The ultimate goal is to cultivate a happier, more sociable, and well-rounded dog that brings joy to your household.

Discover the advantages of dog training at Central Bark Atlanta:

  • Customized Instruction: Our training sessions are thoughtfully tailored to address the unique needs and goals of your dog. Seasoned trainers provide expert guidance to tackle behavioral issues or introduce new commands, ensuring your dog receives the personalized attention necessary for their success.
  • Group Classes for Skill Enhancement: Enroll in our group classes to reinforce positive behaviors and enhance your dog’s socialization in a secure and supportive environment. These sessions offer valuable opportunities for your furry friend to interact with fellow dogs and humans while mastering essential skills.
  • Promoting Exemplary Canine Citizenship: Training sets the foundation for responsible behavior. We instill positive routines and crucial commands in your dog, shaping them into well-rounded individuals capable of confidently navigating social situations.
  • Building a Stronger Bond: Our training goes beyond basic commands, fostering trust, effective communication, and mutual understanding between you and your dog. This cultivates an affectionate and respectful partnership, deepening the unique connection you share with your four-legged companion

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Complete Training Profile

Atlanta Dog Training & Enrichment Options:

Central Bark Atlanta trainer with dog

Training Tutor

Training sessions are available in both individual and group settings to reinforce good habits and foster the loving bond between the owner and their dog. Good canine citizenship is built on a foundation of training, which helps dogs become happy, social, and well-rounded pets. Contact Central Bark doggy day care now to find out more about their training options and improve the life of your furry friend.

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Enrichment Circuit Training

In addition to our daily Enrichment Day Care activities, your dog will participate in a circuit of three, 30-minute sessions with our Enrichment Specialist and a group of just five dogs. Sessions include Small Group Play, Canine Fitness and Agility, and Semi-Private Training Tutor. Ask an associate to learn more.

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Rest Period Enrichment

Your dog gets to relax and recharge in their own private space with calming interactive toys and healthy food pairings tailored to their preferences and diet. It promotes physical and mental relaxation which can help them achieve a healthy balance of play, learning, and rest. It can also help them become more comfortable in crates by building positive associations.

Our Atlanta Dog Training Experts

Central Bark Atlanta trainer with brown dog


Certified Dog Trainer

Abby Seay has been a Georgia Peach all her life and knew early that animals had a very special place in her heart. Abby has been at Central Bark since 2016, beginning as a Dog Handler in playgroup, working her way up to Assistant Manager, becoming a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, and is now Store Manager of Central Bark! Abby has a fantastic relationship with all our clients – both two-legged and four-legged! As our trainer, Abby focuses on Training Tutor, Private School, In-Group Socialization, and Parent/Teacher sessions. She says that the best way to train any animal is to train the owner, and she loves to do so through education, helping families build a stronger bond with their pet through training. Abby strives to ensure parents aren’t just participating in a “training session” but instead are involved in a pawsitive relationship building experience with your best pal!!

Central Bark Atlanta trainer with white dog


Certified Dog Trainer

Caren embraces Central Bark’s reward-based paw-losophy that focuses on fun and positive reinforcement. Caren is a CPDT and ABC certified trainer, and has been training dogs since 2010. Caren was one of the first to join the Central Bark team shortly after it’s opening in 2014! Caren focuses on our Private School Program. Rather than training being conducted in group settings, Caren comes to your home and works with your family and your pup on a one-on-one basis. While Caren is thrilled to work with families on basic obedience, Caren’s is also truly passionate about working with a dog that may have developed a negative reaction to an experience; a dog who might be displaying some fear or reactivity. Helping these dogs become more comfortable with their surroundings is one of the most rewarding parts of training for Caren.


Training & Enrichment Add-ons

Enrichment Circuit Training
Daily package. Three 30 min sessions with a group of five dogs. Includes a small group play session, canine fitness and agility session, and a semi-private Training Tutor session. Learn more
Training Tutor
One-on-one training session during your dog’s visit to practice important cues and behavior skills. Packages available.
One-on-One Enrichment
Personalized session during your dog’s visit with interactive toys, puzzles, and games to exercise your dog’s body and mind.
Extra Rest Period Enrichment
Private space with calming interactive food toy to help your dog achieve a healthy balance of activity and rest.

Private School 

Our certified trainers will work one-on-one with you and your dog to address specific issues. Our trainers embrace Central Bark’s reward-based paw-losophy that focuses on fun and positive reinforcement. Rather than training being conducted in group settings, our trainers come to your home and work with your family on a one-on-one basis.

Each training package includes three one-hour sessions, thus ensuring that your pup accomplishes all of their desired skills. Additional sessions are always available upon request. 

Pricing based on service. Ask an associate for details.

Packages available. Prepaid packages are nonrefundable. All sales are final. If you have any concerns about food sensitivities or toys, please speak to an associate at the front desk to discuss options.

Dean F.
Been coming here since the start. Great staff, excellent grooming and they all really care about your fur kids!
Ivan M.
If you're looking for a place that makes your dog feel right at home and loved, this is the place! Not only is the staff knowledgeable and friendly but they genuinely care uniquely about every single dog. Plus the facility is always in top shape which is extra points!
Brittany A.
Our pups LOVE this place. I can't tell you what a God-send it is to have a place we can trust to care for our girls. We go once a week, and the staff know each dog by name and greet them with affection. Our pups are a handful (despite [...]
Courtney M.
My dog LOVES coming here! They always greet him by name and he is always so happy to see staff when we arrive. Drop off and pick up is always fast and easy, we love this place!
Alissa H.
After panicking, trying to find the perfect place to take my pup to be groomed, I found this place. I. LOVE. THIS. FACILITY. The staff is amazing and welcoming as soon as you walk in. They respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner and your pup will [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you crate train a dog?

For dogs, being comfortable in a crate is a life skill that is incredibly useful for them and their owners. If you have ever traveled with your dog or had the unfortunate experience of an overnight stay at the vet, knowing your dog is comfortable in a crate is immeasurably comforting. 

Crate training can take just days or a few months, based on your dog’s age, temperament, and past experiences with crates. The two keys to successful crate training are to keep the experience positive and go slowly.

When your puppy is not in their crate, keep the door open and reward them every time they choose to enter, even if you didn’t ask them to enter it. When crating your puppy, give them a safe enrichment item (like a stuffed Kong) that will keep them busy and allow them to self-soothe while confined. Remember that crate training should take place in a series of small, slow steps that will help your puppy become more comfortable.

Central Bark® offers everything you need to help you care for your new puppy. Our Enrichment Day Care gives puppies all the socialization, exercise, mental stimulation, and rest they need for a lifetime of happiness with you and your family. We also offer expert training and classes so you and your puppy can learn and bond together. 

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How long does dog training take?

The timeline for learning new behaviors and skills is as unique as every dog! Because each dog is an individual, with different learning histories, breed genetics, and preferences in reinforcers like treats and toys, there is no way to say for sure how long training will take. It’s also important to consider how much time each family has for daily training practice.

Whether you’re crate training, leash walking, or potty training your pup, consistency is key. It’s crucial to establish a routine, practice positive reinforcement, supervise your puppy (especially when potty training), and avoid punishing your puppy when mistakes happen. 

Central Bark® offers everything you need to help you train your dog, with expert training and classes so you and your pup can learn and bond together. 

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How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

When potty training your pup, consistency is key. It’s crucial to establish a routine, practice positive reinforcement, supervise your puppy (especially when potty training), and avoiding punishing your puppy when mistakes happen. 

Potty training a puppy to eliminate outside can take just a few weeks or several months. But it will go more quickly if your training routine is consistent, and you’re consistent about taking your puppy outside every few hours. 

Central Bark® offers everything you need to help you train your puppy. We offer expert training and classes so you and your puppy can learn and bond together.  

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Why choose doggy day care for your dog?

There’s no bond like the one between our furry best friends and us. We love our dogs and want to give them the best life possible. But it can be challenging to fulfill all their needs to stay healthy and happy for a lifetime. Doggy day care gives pups a place to play and learn in a safe environment, with the socialization, mental stimulation, and physical exercise their minds and bodies need to stay healthy for a lifetime. 

  • Dogs get to socialize. Dogs are social creatures. Positive experiences with new humans, new dogs, and new environments are essential to a well-rounded pup.
  • Dogs learn social skills. Dogs learn from other dogs – they’re always teaching each other what is (and isn’t) appropriate social behavior. Doggy day care staff can also help support safe play and practice healthy social behaviors.
  • Dogs get more exercise. Exercise helps your dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone while improving their mood and providing a healthy outlet for their physical and mental energy, meaning they can be more relaxed at home.  
  • Dogs get human attention. Your dog will get the care and love they need while you’re at work or school.  
  • Parents get a break. Doggy day care can give you a day off from responsibilities, while your dog gets what they need to be a healthier, more well-adjusted pet.

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