Enrichment Circuit Training

In addition to our daily Enrichment Day Care activities, your dog will participate in a circuit of three, 30-minute sessions with our Enrichment Specialist and a group of just five dogs.

Circuit sessions include:

  • Small Group Play Session – Physically stimulating, targeted group play, including use of toys, treat rewards, and personalized time. 
  • Canine Fitness and Agility Session – Specific agility skills, including jumps, stationing, movement through obstacle courses, and using Klimb® and FitPAWS® equipment.
  • Semi-Private Training Tutor Session – Practice basic behaviors skills like recall, calmly moving through doors and gates, loose-leash walking, advancing known behaviors with the three D’s (duration, distance, and distraction), and polite greetings with humans – both on and off-leash. 

We have noticed that shy dogs, wallflowers, and older dogs sometimes prefer smaller, shorter playgroups. High energy dogs or dogs who become overstimulated in larger groups also tend to be good candidates, as smaller groups help them play more safely and allow types of play that are hard to accommodate in larger groups of dogs, like chase and tug games! We separate our Circuit Training groups by tempermant, so there is always a group of socially appropriate dogs for your pup. The mental stimulation provided by Agility and Semi-Private Training Tutor help your pup achieve a well rounded day of Enrichment Day Care! 

Circuit Training is offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with attendance, limited to 15 dogs per day.  Be sure to reserve your slot as soon as possible to ensure your pup gets in on the fun!  Standing reservations are encouraged but floating reservations are certainly accommodated based on availability.  Ask an associate for more details.