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It’s nice to get away, but leaving home overnight can cause stress for you and your dog. Central Bark’s dog boarding service provides your dog with a calm, relaxing night in a comfortable environment that they know. Also, it helps reduce the stress of being away from home and gives you peace of mind knowing they’re safe.

Our dog boarding services provide the following advantages:

  • Gives dog owners peace of mind when they need to be away from their beloved furry pals.
  • Secure and safe place where pets may receive the right attention and care.
  • Plan trips without worrying about how you’ll take care of your dog while you’re away.
  • Solutions that are thorough and customized for each dog.

Services, options, and prices vary by store. Visit your location for details.

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Overnight Dog Boarding & Sleepovers

for dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Doggy Day Care Program

Dogs that regularly attend Enrichment Doggy Day Care at Central Bark get to come for sleepovers with their friends when your family is on vacation or away overnight. Sleepovers at Central Bark offer your dog a calm, relaxing night in a comfortable environment that they know.
A full day of Enrichment Day Care is included.


for occasional dog boarding guests

Our Stay-n-Play program offers boarding for dogs that are not currently enrolled in our day care program. Each overnight guest can get a restful night’s sleep, followed by a day of play, exercise, and plenty of TLC from our staff. Stay-n-Play guests sleep and play in their own designated areas. 
*Available at participating locations.

Dog Boarding Amenities

At our doggy daycare, we understand that your furry friend deserves the best care possible, even when they’re away from home. That’s why we offer a range of amenities designed to keep your dog comfortable, happy, and entertained during their stay with us. Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

  • Full Day of Enrichment Day Care Included: At our doggy daycare, we believe that every dog deserves a day filled with fun and activity. That’s why we include a full day of Enrichment Day Care in our Central Bark sleepover package. Your dog will have access to our state-of-the-art play areas, where they can run, jump, and play with other dogs under the watchful eye of our experienced staff. To keep your dog interested and entertained throughout the day, we provide a range of toys, games, and activities.
  • Spacious Dens: Our spacious dens are perfect for dogs who need a little extra room to stretch out and relax. Each den is equipped with a comfortable bed and plenty of space for your dog to move around. Also, our dens are located in a quiet area of the facility, so your dog can get some rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of our Enrichment Day Care area.
  • Quiet Cottages: For dogs who prefer a quieter, more peaceful environment, we offer quiet cottages that provide a cozy, home-like atmosphere. Each cottage is furnished with a comfortable bed, toys, and other amenities to keep your dog happy and comfortable. Plus, our experienced staff will provide plenty of love and attention to make your dog feel right at home.

In addition to these amenities, we also offer a range of other services to ensure that your dog has a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us. From professional grooming and bathing services to delicious treats and nutritious meals, we’ve got everything your furry friend needs to feel right at home. Contact us today to schedule a Central Bark sleepover for your pup!

Learn more about our dog boarding services in the FAQ section below.

Kristy M
Super friendly and professional. Highly recommended. Our pup had a fabulous first day!
Lynn. A
Ellie's recent stayover was the longest thus far, and I felt such a peace knowing that Ellie was in the best of hands!! I was comfortable mostly because I know how much she enjoys her daycare days. She loves it!! I'm so happy that Central Bark West Columbia is in [...]
Katie M.
Our sweet Leo absolutely loves his daycare days. The staff is always friendly and have been helpful with any questions I’ve had. We are so happy we found a place that’s safe for our pup when we can’t be with him.
Megan J.
Rosie had her first ever Spa Day! She smelled so good and she felt so soft after her bath! I can’t wait for her to go again. Elizabeth did a wonderful job!
Rachel I.
Central Bark is by far the best place to take your fur baby. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and love all the pets as their own. Thank you Central Bark!!!!
Alicia L
This is the only place we will leave our furbaby when traveling. It is very clean and our furbaby gets so excited when we pull up!
Sheila T.
The staff is amazing, and Otto has a good time...he's always smiling in the pictures!
Lynn R.
Central Bark staff work with your dog's personality to acclimate them to the environment. Our Maggie is very timid, and they worked with her so that now she plays with the other dogs. She is worn out for the evening and the next day. Thank you, Central Bark!
Jennifer F.
This is an amazing place to send your furry friends! Our pup Mahogany (Huggy) gets so excited every time we pull in to the parking lot. He always comes home happy & pooped out! The staff is friendly and just as excited to see Huggy as he is to see [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to board your dog?

Yes! When your dog spends the night with us, we do everything we can to ensure your dog has a safe place where they can feel well-rested.  Sleepovers at Central Bark® offer your dog a calm, relaxing sleepover in a place they can feel comfortable and loved. Because they’re in […]

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding gives your dog a safe and comfortable place to spend the night when they can’t be home overnight. It can last for just one night or for a week or more at a time. At Central Bark®, we offer Sleepovers to dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Day Care […]

What is Stay-n-Play?

Our Stay-n-Play program offers boarding for dogs that have not enrolled in our day care program. Each overnight guest gets a restful night’s sleep, followed by a day of play, exercise, and plenty of TLC from our staff. Stay-n-Play guests sleep and play in their own designated areas.  Learn more […]

What’s a Behavior Assessment and why is it important?

As part of joining the Central Bark® family, our expert staff conducts a thorough behavior assessment at your local Central Bark store. These assessments help ensure that your dog is placed with a playgroup they’re comfortable with so they can play safely every day they’re with us. This four-day evaluation, […]

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