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Dog of the Month

Congrats Yanni!

“Love is a wet nose, sloppy kisses, and a wagging tail.” This is true of all dogs, but our July dog of the month Yanni, embodies this to a T. He is the happiest guy there is. Yanni is a six year old Labradoodle, with an enthusiasm that is unmatched. Each day he comes to visit us is a brand new adventure in Yanni’s eyes. As he gets ready to enter the facility he can be heard barking enthusiastically from the car, excited to come in and get the day started. First thing he does when he enters his playgroup is greet his many friends, including Stella K., Daisy B., George and Walter, just to name a few. He then dives right into the pools, happy to share with anyone who cares to join him! To say he loves the pools is for sure an understatement. When he’s done splish splashing around, for the moment, he will jump out, run over to his playgroup leader and rub the whole side of his body against their legs, before pushing his wet happy face right into their hands. He’s just so happy to share his love with anyone he meets and no one can resist that smiling face. After a long fulfilling day of pools, friends, toys, and sunshine, Yanni is ready to run and greet his dad with open paws and a goofy grin that warms our hearts each time. We are thrilled to have had this boy in our program for these many years and look forward to the many more to come. Thanks for being the best Yanni, we love you! The month of July belongs to you!


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