Congrats Dax!

Inside every big dog there’s still a puppy that wants a hug. Dax, a gorgeous black and white Great Dane, and our April Dog of the Month, is happy to start her debut each visit with a big hug from our staff before she makes her way back to socialize with her play group of four legged friends! Dax joined our program as a sweet young pup of only a few months old and is now six! She is not just a pretty face mind you; her mind is very sharp. She is so smart, in fact, that if you take the camera out in an attempt to capture her beauty, she easily turns her head away, managing to nearly always thwart us! She does, however, enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun, so that is when we sneak in to snag our pictures! Dax has made many friends over her many years with us, some of her besties are Stella, Sully, Millie, and Henry. When she is not bounding around with her pals, or basking in the sun, she enjoys leaning against her human friends and getting a little extra attention. We affectionately call her a ‘leaner’ as she gets so relaxed that she sometimes nearly pushes us over! Dax we simply adore you and are so proud to have been a part of caring for you as you grew from an energetic whippersnapper into the amazing lady you are today. Thanks for being a part of the Central Bark family! Our program wouldn’t be the same without you! Enjoy your month in the spotlight and show you off as the star you are!


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