Dog Boarding

Make your dog’s dreams come true with our exceptional dog boarding service.

We understand that leaving home for an overnight stay can be a stressful experience for both you and your furry companion. That’s why Central Bark in Mequon offers a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment where your dog can stay overnight, alleviating stress for both of you.

Here are some benefits of our dog boarding services in Mequon:

  • Peace of mind for dog owners: Our boarding services provide reassurance to dog owners who must leave their beloved pets behind, knowing they are in safe hands.
  • Secure and trustworthy environment: We offer a secure and reliable environment where pets receive the utmost care and attention, ensuring their well-being throughout their stay.
  • Freedom to schedule trips: With our dog boarding services, you can confidently schedule trips without worrying about the welfare of your dog during your absence.
  • Tailored and comprehensive solutions: We offer tailored and all-inclusive solutions catered to every dog, considering their distinct requirements and preferences.

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Dog Boarding and Dog Boarding

Extend the fun and relaxation of our Enrichment Dog Day Care program with Dog Boarding and Dog Boarding.

For dogs in our Enrichment Dog Day Care, we provide sleepovers when families are on vacation or away overnight.

Our sleepovers provide a calm and soothing environment that your dog is already familiar with, ensuring a stress-free experience. Plus, a full day of Enrichment Dog Day Care is included.


Dog Boarding
Dog Boarding is for dogs enrolled in our day care program and includes a full day of enrichment doggy day care with each 24-hour stay.
Read our Dog Boarding Guidelines.

Day Care enrollment is required for Dog Boarding. Fees may apply for special drop-off or pick-up arrangements. All sales are final.

Beth K.
All 3 of my dogs love coming here. Each is an individual and treated and appreciated that way. I'm on my second generation of Central Bark-Mequon dogs, having experienced their compassion on the loss of the first one who introduced me to daycare. I can't imagine a better, safer, more [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to board your dog?

Yes! When your dog spends the night with us, we do everything we can to ensure your dog has a safe place where they can feel well-rested. 

Sleepovers at Central Bark® offer your dog a calm, relaxing sleepover in a place they can feel comfortable and loved. Because they’re in a familiar place, they can feel less stressed about being away from home (and so will you). A full day of Doggy Day Care is included with your sleepover stay.

Learn more about Sleepovers at Central Bark

How much does it cost to board a dog?

Boarding service pricing may vary by service and location, as well as the length of stay.

Learn more about Sleepovers at Central Bark

Do I need to bring bedding, toys, or treats for my dog?

Nope! We got you covered! Most dogs will not need any bedding for a single day of day care. If your dog is boarding with us, see our Sleepover Guidelines. As far as treats and toys, we have plenty! Please ask about which toy and treat products are available.

What’s a Behavior Assessment and why is it important?

As part of joining the Central Bark® family, our expert staff conducts a thorough behavior assessment at your local Central Bark store. These assessments help ensure that your dog is placed with a playgroup they’re comfortable with so they can play safely every day they’re with us.

This four-day evaluation, while your dog participates in our Enrichment Day Care, assesses your dog’s:

  • Comfort and social skills with people 
  • Social skills and playstyle with other dogs to help determine the playgroup and play schedule they can benefit from the most
  • Comfort in both indoor and outdoor play spaces
  • Comfort in rest areas and a crate 
  • Ability to share resources like water and toys in social settings
  • Level of comfort taking treats in social settings

This process gives us a chance to get to know you and your dog while your dog gets acquainted with their new favorite place away from home. Through the entire four days, your dog’s comfort and safety is our top priority.

Once your pup passes all the behavior assessment elements, you are welcome to sign up for any of our daycare services or a sleepover!

To schedule a Behavior Assessment for your dog, please contact your local store.

NOTEPlease bring all required signed forms, vaccination proof, and a collar and leash for your behavior assessment.

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