Congrats Sheldon!

Happy 2021! What better way to ring in the New Year than to shout at the top of our lungs that Sheldon is our January Dog of the Month! Sheldon is a just over six year old Cardigan Welsh
Corgi who joined our daycare family nearly six years ago as a young pup of six months. He started, along with his brother Nathan, who has since crossed the rainbow bridge. Now he is
joined by his sister Alice and brothers Howard & Vinny. Sheldon is a good natured boy, who likes to take his time getting to know both dog and humans, but once you have his trust you have a friend for life. He is very smart and though he may be subtle, has an inquisitive nature and is a quick learner. Just ask his Enrichment Specialists! Each week during his visits with us, Sheldon gets a
One-on-One Enrichment Session. We love the challenge of coming up with different types of games and puzzles to engage his mind, and he sure soaks it up. His favorite activities during daycare are showing off his Group Play Skills, playing tag with his lady friend Nuala, keeping tabs on his younger siblings, and showing playful puppy newcomers the in’s and out’s of the program. Did we mention that he is also a Canine Good Citizen? This pup is the whole package and we are proud to have had him as a shining example and role model these many years! Sheldon you dazzle us with your cuteness, challenge us with your wits, and charm us with your kindness. You’re the best and this month belongs to you!