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Dog of the Month

Congrats Mikey!

“Every dog must have his day.” Well, we agree so much that we think every dog should have their month! Please join us as we stop the presses and shout from the roof tops that Mikey is our July Dog of the Month! Yay! Mikey is a sweet, laid back ten-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, with the sweetest disposition. He has been a part of Central Bark Mequon since a young pup and boy has it been fun watching him grow up. When Mikey first started, he came with his older sister Aria. Mikey was a happy go lucky little guy who was adamant to follow his sister’s lead. After sweet Aria crossed the rainbow bridge, Mikey became big brother to his lively little sister Salma, and he wears the badge of big brother proudly. His mellow nature makes him a friend to all, but he especially enjoys the company of Ms. Bella and fellow cavaliers Lucky, Derby, Yogi, and of course his kid sister Salma. Every day care visit his parents sign him up for a One-on-One Enrichment Session. He enjoys working a little and getting spoiled with love and treats at the end of his session. Parents also have him on a regular grooming schedule where he gets pampered, courtesy of our Salon and Spa groomers. We simply adore Mikey and are so proud of how he has grown into such a great role model. Mikey, this month is our gift to you! Keep on shining bright little man!