Congrats Kona!

“Dogs ask for so little but deserve so much.” If ever there was a truer statement, we’ve never heard it. We believe that the owners of Kona, our May Dog of the Month, would agree! Kona is a sweet and peppy two-year-old Miniature Goldendoodle. He is small, but mighty and not afraid to show it. Each day he comes in for daycare he happily says hello and proudly prances out to his playgroup. When in group he enjoys the company of friends Oscar, Piper, LeBron, and Lulu, though we have to say he and Oscar have quite a bond. These two boys are two peas in a pod and enjoy doing many things together, like playing follow the leader, tag, chatting on the play equipment, and even singing some tunes that get the entire group going in a doggy choir. Every day Kona is here at day care he is treated to a frozen yogurt at lunchtime off our Central Bark lunch menu. He is sure to gobble it right up! Kona’s mom also has him on a grooming schedule where he gets extra pampering, courtesy of our Central Bark Mequon Salon & Spa. And boy does he proudly frolic around when he’s done getting spiffed up! Kona simply put, you are just the cutest and we’re delighted that you’re so loved by many and that you’re our May Dog of the Month!