Congrats Lily!

“The love in her heart shines through in her eyes.”  Oh, Lily, how you have more than proven the truth of that statement. You are absolutely the sweetest, most loving girl. So, it’s only fitting that for the month of February, the month of love, that Ms. Lily is our Dog of the Month! Lily is a wonderful nearly eleven-year-old Goldendoodle, with the kindest eyes and most gentle soul. She loves life to the fullest and enjoys sharing that love with any and all she meets, be it dog or human. In the dog world, she is the Queen of kindness, and every pup vies for her attention, which she is always willing to share. She has many friends, Ciggy, Roxy, Rain, Daisy, and Tucker F., just to name a few. She is an angel amongst dogs with the most easy-going demeanor, which makes her an ideal role model for the especially shy pups entering our program. She enjoys everything from mingling and catching up with friends, to a romp or tag, and a good snuggle. If you love snuggles Lily is your go to lady. We are so proud to have watched her grow from a sweet young pup to an even sweeter, young at heart, older lady. It is a blessing to have you in our program Lily. This month is for you! Keep sharing the love like the sweetheart you are!