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Congrats Gouda!

We’d like you to meet our November dog of the month Gouda, aka ‘Gouda cheese’! It is a month in which we share our thanks for our many blessings, and we are very blessed and proud to have this wonderful guy in our daycare program! Mr. Gouda is a nearly six-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix, who has been with us for going on 4 years now. This amazing gentleman has grown in so many ways and it has been our pleasure to be with him on his journey. When Gouda enters our facility, everyone can’t help but smile. He prances in like he owns the place, and who could blame him. If I was decked out with his awesome collars and nifty harness, I’d strut my stuff as well. Gouda has a full schedule with every visit. He loves to catch up with all his ladies, both human and dog. Once he’s done with that it’s on to the next activity : One on One Enrichment. He loves these sessions so much that his parents set him up for two at every visit. Gouda really enjoys working his brain and showing off his smarts during his Training Tutor and Brain Games/Puzzles sessions, as well as, receiving some extra ear rubs. 😊 In between his one-on- one time he enjoys playing fun games of tag with his friends Ru, Riley, and Yeti, working on his playgroup skills, and sitting atop his perch getting extra spoiled by the staff. Gouda, words cannot describe how much we love and adore you. We are beyond thrilled to have had you with us for so long and we look forward to many more fantastic years! Thank you for always brightening our day! Shine bright, Gouda, this month is for you!