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Dog of the Month

Congrats Charlie!

“I am thankful for the joy and love my dog brings me.” What a perfectly sweet statement that rings true for all dog lovers out there for the month of November. We’re sure that the family of Charlie F., our November Dog of the month, would agree! Charlie is a four year old Labradoodle, who is always down to play and will enchant you with his sparkling eyes and mischievous smile. Charlie enters the facility with wiggles and smiles and happily leads the staff to his group of friends. He is always more than ready for short games of tag, sing a longs, or even a game of follow the leader. He also enjoys showing off his awesome Group Play Skills, as he is one excellent sitter; provided he isn’t occupied elsewhere, lol. If there is excitement or games, Charlie is bound to be in the thick of it. During his down time, he enjoys posing for the ‘puperazzi’ and catching up with friends Tilly, Charlie D., Harley, and Brodie. Charlie’s family likes to keep him pampered in our Salon & Spa and boy does he love the one-on-one time while letting the groomer know his preferences. Charlie’s family also utilizes our sleepover services, being sure to send his blanket and bone so that Charlie has some comforts from home. Charlie, you are one awesome pup and we are proud to have gotten to know and love you over the years. In this month of Thanksgiving, we sure are thankful for you!