Congrats Dante!

“Princes come in all shapes and sizes.” Dante, you are certainly a Prince among dogs, and it is our pleasure to announce that you are our March Dog of the Month! Dante is a fun loving, four-year-old Standard Poodle, with a twinkle in his eye that shows he is always up for a good time, or maybe a few shenanigans. He enters our facility on dancing tip toes with a big grin on his face. Out in play group with friends he is certainly a party starter. He enjoys all sorts of activities such as: short pup races, showing around the new pups, dancing with his enrichment specialist, perching while watching the happenings of group, and showing off his superb play group skills. He even attempts to create new games with his enrichment specialist. Right now, he is working on one called Follow and Seek. It’s a cross between ‘Follow the Leader’ and ‘Hide n Seek.” It’s still a work in progress, however it is lots of fun to watch Dante play and invite any and all friends to join in. A few of his favorite friends are Gracie, Flash, Oakley, and Noraa. Dante thank you for sharing your playfulness and fun-loving spirit with us! These past few years getting to know you have been amazing and we look forward to many more to come! Congratulations Prince Dante!