Congrats Brewer!

We are so proud to announce our June Dog of The month, Brewer! Brewer is a tall and handsome Black Lab/ Great Pyrenees mix. He’s been attending Central Bark Mequon for four years now, since he was just a pup! Over the years we have enjoyed watching him romp in the pools, wrestle with his friends, and sun bathe. Brewer definitely knows how to have a good time at day care, he is a professional after all! He’s never shy to meet new dogs, he absolutely loves puppies, and keeps up with them-no problem! Some of his favorite pals to run wild with include Jazzman, Otto, Oliver, Seamus and Lucky! Brewer isn’t shy to woo the ladies of day care either, he loves to run and play with Lulu, Lily, Lilly Loo and Molly Moo! Staff can’t get enough of watching this gentle giant walk in with Mom, Nicole, or Dad, Josh slow and steady. We always get a good laugh because we know what’s in store for us when he gets into playgroup where we see his wild side! We are so proud to have Brewer as a part of our pack, and that is why he is our June Dog of the Month. It’s your time to shine, Brew!