Congratulations Taz & Daq!

Meet Taz and Daq! These brothers (from another mother… and father) typically spend their Tuesdays and Thursday strutting their stuff at The Bark. Taz is a four-year-old Australian Cattle Dog and has been coming since December 2017. Daq will be one year old this month and started playing here when he was five months old. We spent hours scouring social media and old newspaper clippings to find the following details on this fab-duo:

  • When Taz first heard that Daq the Shepherd was going to be his new brother he thought it was going to be Dax Shepherd, the actor. He was a bit disappointed.
  • Daq wants to be a Lake County Police Dog when he grows up. He has recorded every episode of Cops and Live PD and refuses to delete them after he watches. Taz gets frustrated because there is no more space on the DVR for his episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati.
  • Taz wanted to be the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons when he was younger. However, he quickly realized that spinning in circles all the time made him puke.
  • Over the summer the boys have spent many weekends camping in the backyard. They would chase fireflies, roast marshmallows, and share ghost stories. However, once the mosquitos started biting, they would head inside and resume camping underneath blanket forts and play video games.
  • Taz has been teaching his younger brother the art of flirting. Taz’s favorite pick-up line is “Want a yummy?” and Daq goes with “Can I check out your behind?” Both lines seem to be working well.
  • The boys decided to take some online courses this Fall. They registered for Fundamentals of Welding, Watercolor, and Introduction to Meteorology. They asked mom for matching CLC Lancers sweatshirts.
  • Taz and Daq already decided they want to get tattoos when they turn 18. Daq wants something with kibble pieces intertwined with ivy and roses all with a sunset backdrop. Taz wants a hula girl.

Congratulation’s boys! We will be celebrating both of you this month!


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