Congratulations Ciara!

Meet Ciara! Ciara is a five-year-old border collie that has been wiggling around at Central Bark since October 2017. She always comes in so happy and brightens our day with her sweet personality and lovely disposition. When being introduced to someone she will either pronounce her name Kera or See-air-ah; it depends on her mood. Below are some more fun things to know about this amazing girl:

  • Ciara is set to release an album this fall under her pseudonym “C-Wiggles.” Her first single is called “Chasin’ Hose” and is an ode to her favorite summer-time activity.
  • She maintains her flexibility through a combination of yoga and interpretive dance classes.
  • Ciara hopes to soon open her own water slide park and petting zoo. She plans to call it “Ciara’s Crazy Slides & Cuddle Emporium.”
  • Her hobbies include cross stitch, crossword puzzles and doing step aerobics to music by C&C Music Factory.
  • Ciara’s favorite foods are SpaghettiOs, chili cheese fries and toothpaste.
  • She is excited to start her first semester at CLC this fall. Ciara is signed up for Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture, Mechatronics Graphics III, Anatomy and Physiology II.
  • Ciara is a Civil War aficionado and has been organizing the Hainesville Civil War Reenactment in Hainesville, IL for the past four years. This year she hopes to add tanks and drones to the military line-up.

Congratulations Ciara! We look forward to celebrating you this month!


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