Doggy Salon

Your dog deserves to be pampered. Our full-service Franklin dog grooming salon is fully equipped to handle any canine, from the furriest to the not so furry. Whether you’re interested in our Barkley Dog Bath, a quick trim of the nails, or a more elaborate dog grooming spa treatment, we’re glad to oblige your request at our doggy day care spa.

Each dog, as with humans, is unique. As such, a dog deserves grooming that takes into account their size, breed, and unique needs. Prices for all grooming services may very as a result; extra charges may be added for matted dogs or those with particularly thick/dense coats, as more time and work is required to get them looking their best!

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We offer:

Barkley’s Grooming Packages

 Full Groom

Spa Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out, brush out, and full body haircut.

$40 & Up

À La Carte

Furminator Treatment $15.00 & Up
Ear Cleaning $9.00
Paw-dicure (Nail Trim)
(Nail Grinding can be added at no additional charge)
Teeth Brushing $9.00
Gland Expression $13.00

All bath services are available in a whole array of deliciously-scented shampoos!
We also have Oatmeal shampoos for dogs with dry or sensitive skin.

Also available for an additional $5 is our Isle of Dogs Treatment, featuring the deep-cleaning stay (clean) Shampoo and 2 build or 2 heal Conditioner, depending on your dog’s coat type.
These products are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, and their ExtenScent technology will leave every pooch smelling and looking their absolute best long after their visit!

Prices of Salon & Spa services may vary depending on dog’s age, coat, behavior and frequency of service. A quote can be provided at the time of drop off for service. Poodles, poodle mixes, and any dogs exceeding 100 lbs. call for quote. Additional services available upon request.