DIY Stocking Stuffers for Your Dog!

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Everyone loves presents, including your dog! If you’re like me, you want to treat them to something special this holiday season, too. You don’t need to drive anywhere though; you’ve spent enough time at the store shopping for everyone’s special holiday gifts. It’s time to get a little creative with some of the things you already have at home! Here are three easy, DIY stocking stuffers you can make for your dog!

Paper Tube Surprises!

On any normal day of the week, my dogs love ripping and shredding paper tubes!  I save the paper tubes from toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and during the holidays, wrapping paper rolls.  To make this an extra special present for my dogs, I toss a handful of treats into the paper tubes, then fold the ends over.  This incredibly easy gift can then be wrapped with a little extra wrapping paper and placed under the tree.  Sure, there’s a little bit of clean up involved, but once everyone opens their presents there’s going to be wrapping and tissue paper everywhere anyway!

Re-Stuffed Stuffed Toys!

My dogs destroy stuffed toys.  They do it in a surgical way, chewing one little hole, then de-stuffing the entire toy through that tiny opening.  Still, time and time again I buy them new toys to demolish.  However, I always have a trick up my sleeve to make destroyed toys last a little bit longer.  I take the toy they de-stuff and I re-stuff it!  Not with the fluff that they pulled out, but with a handful of treats!  I usually have some extra fleece laying around, so I cut some long strips and roll individual treats into the strips of fleece.  Then, I take about a dozen treat-filled fleece rolls and stuff them back into the empty toy.  Once that’s done, I present each of my dogs their refurbished toys and watch as they have a blast pushing the toy around, pulling the fleece out of the hole, and eating the hidden treats.

Save Your Eggnog Container!

That’s right, save your empty eggnog carton or plastic jug!  Rinse it out thoroughly, let it dry, and let’s DIY!  We’re going to turn it into a food puzzle toy for your dog.  Whether it’s a plastic jug or a carton, cut 3-5 small holes in the container.  Make sure the holes are slightly larger than the treats you’re going to use.  Then, fill it with a handful of your dog’s kibble and a handful of special treats, close the top.  Watch as your dog pushes, rolls, and paws at the carton/jug to get all of the treats out!

Always supervise your dog when giving them something to chew on and rip up. Be sure they’re not ingesting pieces of anything they shouldn’t be.  Since treats are involved, if you have multiple dogs make sure to set them up to be as safe as possible by not putting them in a situation to resource guard or have any disagreements on whose toy it is.  This might mean separate play times with their stocking stuffers or having them in separate spaces.

Have fun this holiday season, and be sure to share photos of your DIY stocking stuffers with us on Facebook and Instagram at Central Bark USA!