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Welcome to Central Bark Doggy Day Care

Central Bark Doggy Day Care is the original day care for dogs. Since 1997 our store locations have grown to support the growing number of people who realize dogs require regular social interaction for a happy and well-rounded lifestyle. As one of the nation’s largest networks of doggy daycares, we understand your busy lifestyle may sometimes make it difficult to give your pets the attention, socialization, training, exercise and mental stimulation necessary for your dog’s overall well being.

FetchALocationOur team of professionally trained store owners and staff understand dogs are not just pets. They’re our friends, companions and family members. We take pride in treating each and every dog as if they were our own, understanding they’re individuals with unique personalities and needs.

Once your dog tries dog day care at Central Bark, you’ll see and feel their happiness and excitement every time you bring them back.  Most of our dog parents tell us their dogs are better behaved after attending CBDDC.  Plus, you’ll be “guilt-free” knowing your dog is getting the socialization and exercise he really needs and deserves!  Every dog deserves the Central Bark experience and every dog parent deserves a Central Bark Dog!

In addition to Doggy Day Care, Central Bark stores provide; Dog Grooming, Dog Boarding, Dog Training, Dog Food and other pet store supplies. Some stores even provide Canine Cab service to pick up and return your dog back home after a full day of activities. Dog Walking services and Veterinarian services our also available at some locations.

Latest News

Would Your Dog Choose Praise Over Food?

August 20, 2016
Owner rubbing his dog belly, in grass.Is the bond our dogs seem to share with us just based on food — people merely a way to score a snack — or is there really a deeper relationship between humans and their smart canine friends? That question was at the root of new research from scientists at Emory University. “One theory about dogs read more

Swim Safety Isn’t Just For Humans

August 15, 2016
AllieEach year, 40,000 dogs in the United States die from drowning in a pool.  While many people think dogs have an instinct and natural ability to swim, this is just not true.  The only thing dogs inherently know how to do is a “doggy paddle,” out of panic and terror. Unbeknownst to many dog owners, read more

National Dog Day!

August 12, 2016
whmayFounded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, August 26 is National Dog Day. This special day comes around once a year and celebrates all dogs of all breeds. August 26 is not a random date.  For Paige, this marks the date her family adopted their first dog, “Sheltie”.  To help educate the public on the number read more