Central Bark Rochester’s National Dog Bite Prevention Month Tips

During National Dog Bite Prevention Month and in alignment with National Dog Bite Prevention Week (April 7 – 13), Central Bark Rochester has stepped forward to educate local families and pet lovers on how to prevent a tragic accident from occurring across its community. There are a staggering 4.7 million dog bites occurring annually in the United States. Many of these involve children. Central Bark Rochester is committed to spreading awareness on this often-overlooked issue.

Lenny Hoisington, the owner of Central Bark Rochester, emphasized the importance of this initiative.

What We Think

“Bite Prevention Week and Bite Prevention Month  is critical,” Lenny said. “It focuses on one of the most preventable accidents. We educate the public on how to safely interact with dogs. Bite Prevention Week is not necessarily about training our dogs. It’s about training ourselves to know the signs and understand when a dog is uncomfortable.”

Tips During National Dog Bite Prevention Month

Central Bark Rochester took a proactive approach by offering free bite prevention classes. The first one took place on Saturday, April 6th at Central Bark Rochester. Central Bark also presented at Endless Journey Child Care Center in Rochester on Wednesday April 10th. The classes were designed to be engaging and educational for both parents and children ranging from mature preschoolers to elementary-aged students. They covered tips on reading dog body language. The program also included interactive activities, along with a take-home coloring book filled with valuable information for the entire family.

How to Host a Bite Prevention Class

“While National Dog Bite Prevention Week and Month is a great time to raise awareness, we also host these classes all year long and free of charge,” Lenny said. “We have an open invitation to local schools and organizations to take part in this educational opportunity.

For those interested in hosting a dog bite prevention class, please call Central Bark Rochester 507-322-6655 or email at rochester@centralbarkusa.com for additional information.

Central Bark’s Mission

Hoisington also reflected on Central Bark’s broader mission. “One of the great things about Central Bark is how much we care for our local communities and the safety of dogs, children, parents and everyone involved — not just during Bite Prevention Week but throughout the entire year,” he said. “We all love dogs, but it’s our responsibility to make sure we are creating a safe and comfortable environment for both them and the humans around us.”

At Central Bark, we are committed to community safety and animal welfare. It’s ingrained in our DNA. Through educational classes and outreach efforts such as this, we hope to significantly reduce the number of dog bites by fostering a deeper understanding and respect between humans and our four legged friends. 

For a sneak peak into what a Bite Prevention Class looks like, check out Central Bark Rochester on KIMT 3 (CBS) and KAAL 6 (ABC) in Rochester most recently.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about Central Bark or want to learn a little bit more about a location closest to you, please visit us at centralbarkusa.com


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