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Dog of the Month

Congrats Stout!

“A small dog is always a puppy.” We would say that is definitely true of Stout or September dog of the Month. Mr. Stout is a seven-year old Dachshund, with the spunkiest personality. When he first started in our program, he was a little reserved, but it didn’t take him long to come out of his shell and show us his wild side. He is a popular kiddo and has many friends, which include Bella, Bruno, Emmy, and Abby Marie. Stout is also an accomplished singer with and amazing set of vocal cords. He doesn’t not mind playing to his audience and loves a chance to show us what he’s got. A couple of his favorite songs are ‘Happy’ and “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” If you can’t tell, Stout has quite eclectic taste in music and we love it! Stout is also quite the smarty and not afraid to show it. So much so that parent’s occasionally set him up with a special One-on-One enrichment session, to allow him to challenge his brain against one or two of our puzzles. He is one amazing pup and who has gone from ‘shy guy’ to the ‘life of the party.’ We are so proud to have been and continue to be part of Stouts grand adventure called life. Spotlight is on you this month, Stout! Show ‘em what you got!


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