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Congrats Roxy

Run, run, Roxy, got to get to daycare now! Santa make him hurry, tell him your dog of the month right now! 😊 Congratulations Roxy, you are the gift that keeps on giving. Your spirit and your smile makes every day bright. Ms. Roxy is a nearly four year old Yorkshire Terrier Mix, who has been with us at Central Bark Mequon since she was only months old.

She has always been a spunky playful pup and has only become more amazing throughout the years. Roxy’s vivacious personality makes her a true day care socialite. Though she loves to be admired and loved, she is also content to do her own thing. She can be seen greeting friends as they enter group, playing games of tag with friends Emmy and Harley, catching up on daycare news with Daisy, and being adored by ALL her human friends.

We all love Roxy to pieces; however her family just thinks she the greatest, and why shouldn’t they, she is pretty darn special?!? Her dad, Pete, knows that as the cold weather approaches, Roxy is going need a quality sweater to keep her warm and cozy. So he took a day to take his girl shopping for the perfect jacket. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

Roxy, we love having you in our daycare family! Keep on being an amazing role model for future generations of pups! All lights are shining on you this this month girl! Enjoy it!


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