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Dog of the Month

Congrats Piper!

Let’s hear it for our adorable pint-sized October Dog of the Month, Piper! This cutie may be little, but has the biggest personality. Piper is a Yorkipoo, who is nearly ten years young and she is not shy about letting us know just how awesome she is! When Piper arrives for the day, her parents spoil her by carrying her in, like the princess that she is. She starts ‘talking’ right away upon arrival & especially when an enrichment specialist approaches to take her back to play. She has lots to catch us up on! When Piper enters her playgroup, she stations herself on the play equipment while everyone must say Hello! One thing Piper really enjoys is getting her own personal photo shoots. She loves to pose, with the toys, her friends, on the play equipment, you name it. Piper also has fun getting the doggy choir going. Her vocal cords may be small given Pipers tiny stature, but boy can she be heard when she has something to say! Piper is also super sweet and loves a good cuddle during some down time, which we are more than happy to give. We sure do love this girl and you can totally understand why. Thanks for being you Piper!