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Dog of the Month

Congrats Bailey!

She fills our lives with sunshine and our hearts with love. This is the truest statement when describing our August Dog of the Month, Bailey U. She is beyond sweet and has a way of looking at you that not only melts your heart but makes your soul smile. Bailey is a 3-year-old English Cream Retriever that has been with us since she was a pup of 2 months. Sharing in Bailey’s journey from pup to adulthood has been wonderful. She is an absolute delight in every way! She has all kinds of friends, from gal pals to puppy pals, and even a few male admirers. Bailey doesn’t mind sharing the love and she enjoys being Miss Congeniality. Some of her many friends include Banjo, Tanner, Theo, Leo, Chip, Luna, and Stella. Though she has many friends, she definitely has a soft spot for her buddy Tanner. These two can almost always be seen romping around together, sharing toys, and even relaxing with their heads resting against each other. Their bond is beyond inseparable. Ms. Bailey is also a shining example for new friends who are trying to figure out this day care thing. She takes them under her paw, shows them around, teaches them polite play styles, and overall leads by example. Her nurturing spirit makes being an excellent role model just natural for her. You are a dog unlike any other and we are proud to love and care for you as much as you do us. Enjoy your month Ms. Bailey!


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