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Dog of the Month

Congratulations Charlie!

Meet Charlie! Charlie is a 12-year-old Weimaraner that has been playing at Central Bark since February 2015. Charlie loves everyone and spreads kindness everywhere he goes. The only things he does not like are garbanzo beans and needles. Below are some more interesting things to know about Mr. Charlie:

– This past Halloween Charlie wanted to dress up as Charlie Chaplin. However, when he tried on his costume too many people thought he was Adolf Hitler (because of the small moustache). So instead he went as a bumblebee.

– He is an avid reader, and his favorites stories are about Sherlock Holmes. He likes to tell his friends about a story he penned called “The Case of the Missing Kibble.” In the end they all giggle because Charlie was the one that ate it all!

– Charlie enjoys bird watching on the weekends, even more so once he figured out that they hang out longer if you don’t chase them.

– Charlie hosts a bridge game every Tuesday for some of his daycare friends. Since COVID, he’s been hosting it via Zoom.

– Charlie is excited for Thanksgiving. His whole family always enjoys his green bean casserole with its secret ingredient of bacon.

– He has been working on a list of all the things he is thankful for. Of the 487 items; the first one is his mom and the last one is chicken nuggets.

– As retirement approaches, Charlie is trying to figure out whether to purchase an RV and drive cross country or just move to Marco Island FL.

Congratulations Charlie! We are thankful for YOU!