Why Dog Walking Makes You Happier

Dogs love walks. It’s pretty simple. They enjoy the exercise, as well as the mental stimulation, and it can help them to be healthy and well-rounded members of the family. So, every day, millions of dog owners across the U.S. leash up their dogs and hit the pavement or trail. It isn’t just our sense of responsible dog ownership and the health benefits that get us out there walking. We believe it makes us happy. And why does it make us happy you might ask? Because it can bring our dogs happiness, too!

Our Shared Benefits of Walking

When your dog is out for a walk, they get to smell interesting things, see new sights, and spend some quality time with the most important person in their lives, you. That bonding, exercise, and stimulation with the outside world can also raise your spirits. It’s human nature, quite often our dog’s needs also align with our own. We derive happiness from our dogs and when we see our dogs feeling joyful, we naturally absorb and feel some of those very same emotions.

Top 5 Benefits of Dog Walking

  • You get some exercise. That’s always a good thing.
  • Helps manage stress. Just being around a dog can lower your stress levels and walking helps lower your cortisol levels (stress hormone) even more.
  • It boosts your motivation to get some exercise, especially since you know you are doing it for someone else.
  • Increases your sense of community. Dog walking is a great opportunity to get out and greet your neighbors. The added benefit is that you get to experience new people while your dog gets to experience their surroundings; the birds, squirrels, and other interesting sights!
  • Alleviated boredom. Walking alone is boring and just sitting in the yard is not terribly exciting either. A walk with your dog is about generating instant companionship.

You should aim to walk your dog five times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, if you and your dog are physically able to. Always make sure to supervise your dog, especially around other dogs and people. Please be a responsible owner and clean up after your pup and consider keeping walks shorter in extreme heat or cold. Be sure to always bring enough fresh water for both you and your dog to stay well hydrated. Walking your dog is packed with physical and mental health benefits – which is a great reason for you to get up and get going!


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