What is Dog Day Care?

Dog Day Care, such as that provided by Central Bark, satisfies a dog’s inherent need for exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation. It also provides a myriad of benefits for the owner. It can be a day off from responsibilities, an easy way to get your dog exercise, or just a way to help your dog live their best life.

At Central Bark, dogs are separated into playgroups by energy level, play style, temperament, and size; at which point they get to run, play, and paw-ty down with other (vaccinated) pups – all while being supervised by staff who have been extensively trained on appropriate dog language and behavior. It’s a blast! 

What are the benefits of dog day care? 


Dogs are social creatures. Exposure to new humans, new dogs, and new environments is essential to a well-rounded pup. 


First, dogs learn from other dogs. Dogs are constantly teaching each other what is appropriate and inappropriate social behavior. Additionally, Central Bark is staffed with professionals who understand canine body language and who promote safe play. This helps dogs learn what behaviors are socially acceptable. 


Exercise helps your dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone. It also improves the dog’s mood and overall level of health. Regular exercise even prevents many diseases, can reduce anxiety or pent up energy, and reduce chewing/ destructive behavior in the home. When it is difficult for owners to get their dog the amount of exercise they truly need, day care is a great outlet for their dog’s extra energy. Not to mention they come home tired and happy! 

Human Attention 

Day care provides a great alternative to sitting home alone all day while parents work or go to school– particularly without an energy outlet. 

A Home Away From Home 

Dogs get excited about going to their favorite day care. Once they get into the routine, just the mention of “Central Bark” will get them excited! Parents get a loving place to keep their dog, with a staff they trust, and where their pup can have a blast all day. 


Join us to Help Find a Cure for Cancer

Central Bark is proud to support the Animal Cancer Foundation (acfoundation.org) to spread public awareness and raise funding for life-saving cancer research for both pets and people!

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