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Congrats, Olli!

Congratulations Olli.  Olli, a mixed breed, is one of our first dogs in Central Bark.  He came to us as a six month old puppy with a bundle of energy.  He used to bounce off the other dogs and always played enthusiastically.  Olli is now over a year and has filled out and has not lost an ounce of the energy that he had at six months.  We look forward to the days that Olli comes as he always greets you with a big hug.  Olli gets along with all the dogs who want to play but has a best buddy named Toby who was his original playmate.  When you see Olli you can’t help but smile because he is smiling at you.  Olli is an amazing member of the Central Bark family and we look forward to his visits.  Congrats, Olli.

You must admit he looks very dapper in his bow tie collar 🙂