The leaves are changing beautiful colors, pumpkin flavor..well, everything and of course, the start of snuggle season! Who better to be our October Dog of the Month than our giant snuggly pumpkin, Ernie! He is a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who hangs out with our bigs guys a couple times a week. Every time Ernie arrives to school, he greets us with his award winning smile and big ol’ woofy hello! If you ask him, “where to next, Ern?”, he will gladly show you the way to his playroom. Some of Ernie’s favorites classmates are Lewy, Cash, and his lady, Scout! When it’s time to wind down, he finds the nearest person to cuddle up next to for pets galore and to be told he’s a handsome boy. Congratulations, Ernie the Berne, on being our October Dog of the Month!!