Heavenly Hello from Hailey

An entire year has passed under these conditions unprecedented, redefining ‘loss,’ ‘flexibility,’ and ‘patience.’ We still miss you. If we have not seen you, we hope you are well; if we see you less often, we are thankful for the time we get; and if we see you every day still, we can’t wait to see your smile again. This March we would like to wander across the rainbow bridge. We want to hand deliver belly rubs to all our four-legged friends who are waiting. Can you imagine doing group sits with a crowd of angels? We hope you can take a moment to remember the dog(s) who made life a little brighter. We hope the smile that accompanies those thoughts dispel the darkness, if even momentarily. The Rainbow Bridge Group recently welcomed another member, a pup many of us know and had the great honor of loving. Hailey was, as all dogs are, one-of-a-kind. She was strong and sweet, independent and affectionate, and she had the world at her paw tips! Fur-daughter to one of Eastside’s most beloved handlers, managers, co-workers, and friends, Hailey shared her mother’s profound sense of kindness and understanding.  Hailey was the boss of the Big Guy ™ Group, gentle keeper of the teenagers, and mother to the puppies- there really was not a group that did not benefit from Hailey’s presence. She excelled at public relations and was a joy to share an office with- if any dog deserved a spot on payroll, it was Hailey. We will miss her freshly groomed booty, and the contagious confidence it brought to everyone. The entire Beastside family, Central Bark, and all of Hailey’s canine friends left behind send condolences, virtual hugs, and all the puppy kisses to Laura, John, and their fur-family at this time. We know there are so many of Hailey’s good friends gathered to greet her, solidifying the Rainbow Bridge Group as the finest collection of best friends there ever could be. We still miss you.