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There’s nothing like snuggling with your dog when they’re soft and clean and smell nice. We offer everything you need to keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable at the Central Bark® Amarillo Dog Salon & Spa. From a simple bath to an elaborate grooming treatment, our expert groomers focus on creating a calm and relaxing experience your dog can enjoy. Enrichment activities can be added to help your dog relax even more and during their spa day.

All dogs are unique. Just like humans, your dog deserves personalized grooming for their size, breed, coat type, and condition. For this reason, prices, products, and services vary. Please ask an associate for details.

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Our Groomer


Hi! I am Megan, and I am the Dog Groomer here at CB Amarillo. I am proud to say that I have 4 years of grooming experience under my belt that has given me the necessary knowledge to assess and care for every dog’s individual needs based off age, breed, and personality. I love it here at CB because of the genuinely amazing people who have such a passion for dogs.

I myself have 2 fur babies at home. Tegan a 2-year-old Carolina Dog, and Cayde who is a year-old Pit Heeler mix. They are my babies and are perhaps a bit spoiled.
Growing up and throughout the majority of my life I have always been involved in animal care. Living in California thru middle school and high school I spent my down time assisting my dad with the family farm interacting and caring for many animals including cats, dogs, cows, pigs, goats, ducks, rabbits, horses, and chickens. Upon moving into Amarillo, I got into volunteering with a wildlife rehabilitation center rescuing various types of exotic animals such as: Skunks, squirrels, various birds, several opossum, coyotes, snakes, wild pigs, deer, prairie dogs, and raccoons. So, chances are if you find a random animal in need of help or relocation I can help or get ahold of the best people who can.

Pampered Pups

So fresh. So clean.

Enjoy cuddling with your soft, clean, healthy, and happy pup.


Dog Spa Baths

Spa Bath – Short Hair
Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and blow out.
25 & Up
Spa Bath – Long Hair
Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out, and brush out.
30 & Up

Dog Grooming

Mini Groom
Spa Bath and a foot, face, and sanitary trim.
40 & Up
Full Groom
Spa bath and full-body haircut.
45 & Up

À La Carte

Nail Trim10
Dremel Nail Trim
Uses a Dremel tool for a smoother finish. 
Ear Cleaning8
Teeth Brushing8
Furminator™ Deshed Treatment
Add onto any package. Reduces shedding 60-80%.
15/15 min
Gland Expression10
Medicated Shampoo12

Prices of Salon & Spa services may vary depending on the dog’s age, coat, behavior, weight, and frequency of service. A quote can be provided at the time of drop off for service. Additional services are available upon request. All sales are final.

Glenice E.

They are such an amazing group. They take the time and care for your pup. They really make you & your pup feel special. My pup has special needs and she really seemed to enjoy her time there and was calmer & slept better at home. Great place to give you & your pup a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay with my dog at the groomers?

You do not need to stay with your dog during their grooming appointment. Our expert groomers always aim to help your dog feel as calm […]

What is dog grooming?

Dog grooming helps keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable. It can include anything from a simple brush-out or bath to a full spa day, complete […]

What does a dog groomer do?

Our expert groomers always aim to help your dog feel as calm and relaxed as possible during bathing and grooming, making it an experience they […]

What should I look for in a dog groomer?

An essential characteristic of a dog groomer is someone who makes you and your dog feel safe and comfortable. Other things to look for: Certifications – […]

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